Head of Security / Resident Therapist

Lucy was born in the Spring of 2016 and joined D1 only months later during the summer. Lucy's impact was immediately felt around the office complex. She brought a new level of security to the offices, including constant perimeter patrol and personally inspecting every person and package that comes through our door. As the new face of fear, people know not to mess with D1's offices. 

Not actually, we made all of that up.

But this part is actually true: She is a practitioner of the under-appreciated art (sport?) of fetch. She has an extensive collection of items to fetch, including your standard tennis ball (of course), an old football, a knotted rope, and her personal favorite, a de-stuffed beat up goose toy.  

When Lucy isn't sleeping (usually about an hour a day), she is depended upon to lighten the mood and lift morale around the offices. She also serves as the part-time receptionist welcoming all who come in, especially our FedEx delivery man. 

In her free time... well, lets be honest, all her time is free time. Again, she's a dog. She does what she wants.