Fabrication / Installation Lead

Brandon joined the D1 team in the summer of 2016. Before D1, Brandon was quite the fix-it guy. He's held a variety of jobs ranging from electrical and AV installation to framing and general construction. He serves as the backbone to D1's fabrication and installation and makes sure the shop and installations run as smoothly as possible. When it comes to anything electrical, Brandon is D1's go-to guy. His years of construction experience and time as an electrician allow him to visualize the completed project before the first wire is cut. 

As a member of the fab team, Brandon helps to bring D1 renderings to life in reality. He fabricates items at the workshop, oversees all installations on-site, and installs all electrical components himself. He’s known for being the hardest worker around, not stopping until every last detail is perfect. From week to week, Brandon often works from sunrise to sunset —wherever he’s needed, he’s there. 

When Brandon isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. A devoted father, Brandon is often busy with his daughter Alyssa going to soccer practice or out to dinner. Brandon and Jessica recently had another baby girl, Rhyan.